Who are <Sorry>?

Sorry is a band of brothers/sisters, hardened by years of war. We scour the world of Azeroth seeking lost Elven treasures... Just kidding, fags. We raid for fun, not for loot. We are the first and only guild composed of former Scientologists in World of Warcraft.

Guild Information

 Our purpose

     We started this guild with the primary focus of having fun. This guild was formed by the 12 players who didn't suck in Looking For Group. It took months to find these lost souls - a task harder than that homo Froto returning the One Ring. Many of these players have been Guild Masters, Officers, and Raiders in various US Top 100 guilds who had previously quit due to various reasons. When <Sorry> was formed, we all agreed the primary focus would be not just progression - but having fun playing a game most of us tend to play a bit too much.

 What we expect

     We expect you to show up to raids. Maybe not every single raid - but the vast majority. Players that meet or exceed these requirements will always have priority on loot over those who don't, for obvious reasons. We expect you to have flasks, food, and augment runes for progression bosses. If you're applying to be a tank or healer - we expect you to have a microphone and know when to speak in to it.

 What we don't expect

     With all the above expectations met, we still expect you to suck dick. Apply today and prove us wrong.

Member Perks

 Guild Repairs

     Repairs get expensive when your main tank and officer, Milad, sets his carpet on fire with his cigarette and has to use his two-liter of Jolt as a fire extinguisher. We don't blame you. We blame Milad. For just about everything. And it's usually correct.


     If you're interested in joining our guild after reading this page thus far, I'd like to think I can assume a few things. Number one, you're probably a lazy fuck. Number two, you're probably a lazy fuck who forgets to make consumables every week, even though you were AFK in your Garrison an hour before raid - probably alt-tabbed reading reddit or stalking your Starbucks "barista crush" whose' Twitter you overheard at the drive-through.


     Being a member means we let you fight for that trinket that you've been waiting to drop for five weeks. In the end, you lose it to a healer who wants it as a "throughput" trinket. Also - since you made member, we probably don't think you suck enough to disenchant it.

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